Full Time Radio Host/Presenter

Full Time Radio Host/Presenter

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Yahala Voice has an immediate opening for Morning, Afternoon and late shows.  We”re looking for a show to lead internally and grow with this legendary station. Reliable,  Extroverted, Social, Memorable, Funny, Connective. Those are the key buzz words for the successful candidate. However, the most important quality is a show willing to adapt to the strategy and tactics needed to win. Join one of the most energized teams in Chicago radio and help us meet the high expectations for this great product.  The following requirements and qualifications are the basic capabilities which are the qualities for our next presenter position:


Position :

»Full Time Radio Host/Presenter


»Radio Studio


»Radio Presentation


Duties :

»Study background information in order to prepare for programs or interviews

»Identify stations, introduce or close shows, using memorized or read scripts, and/or ad-libraries

»Interview show guests about their lives, their work, or topics of current interest.

»Make promotional appearances at public or private events in order to represent their employers

»Prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, gathering and rewriting material so that it will convey required information and fit specific time slots

»Willing to strengthen and grow with our radio station

»Socially Integrated with Social Sites
Qualifications :

»Energetic, passionate and creative radio host/presenter

»3-5 years of on-air radio experience

»Speaks both Arabic and English fluently and comfortably.

»Remains up to date with current events and has solid experience in credible research.

»Should enjoy working with a team and understand the importance of teamwork.

»Understanding and Utilizing The Web

»Social Site Driven (Example: Facebook & Twitter)


Additional Candidate Instructions Please be prepared to submit on air check upon request.


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