Yahala Ma’ Kawthar

Yahala Ma’ Kawthar

Yahala Ma’ Kawthar

Yahala with Kawthar يا هلا مع كوثر
This show includes political, social, and religious Issues...anything is happening in our community or affects our community will be talked about. Show Highlights
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Kawthar Othman

An enthusiastic journalist highly proficient in the Arab Media Industry. She has earned her Master's degree from Paris, She resided in France while working for Al Taleah Al Arabia. She received her BA in Economics from The University of Baghdad. Kawthar then represented Alf-Baa Magazine in Iraq. She relocated in Jordan, where she began her career as a writer and political analyst with AlShahd and Alekbaria, from there she moved to the US where she became the founder of Aloffok Alarabi and AlHadath Aldawly newspapers, and the Arab-American Women's Association which is now the one of the largest non-profit organizations. She contributed her time and built experience with TV and the radio industry in Chicago for AlArabia. After excelling her career with AlArabia she then moved on to Yahala Voice Radio. She has successfully accomplished interviews with extremely important and well-known political figures through out the nation.

  • Political Talk Show
  • 4:05PM - 5:00PM CST
  • Friday
  • Mon at 11:00AM CST

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