Sabaho Morning Show

Sabaho Morning Show

Sabaho Morning Show

Good Morning - صباحو
Sabaho is a Yahala Voice Morning Show.  The morning show has the back home atmosphere, 100% Arabic, beautiful and energetic music. includes newspapers headlines, saying of the day, latest technology, strange and funny news, and horoscopes. Show Highlights
  • Listeners Engagement
  • Live Talk Show
  • Sponsorship Available
  • Call In Interaction
  • Vivid Atmosphere
  • Social Updates

Host Details

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Walaa Obaid

Walaa moved to Chicago from Palestine in 2013 with a load of radio and TV experience and education. While She went to the University of Jerusalem to study Media and TV she was already working in the field. Started with Al Qamar radio in Jericho, Palestine as a radio host three years before her graduation. In her journey she worked with many radio stations and TV, notably Sawt Alghad, Ma'an TV, and Palestine TV. One of her highlights was a radio show named ''Ala tareeqak'' in English it translated ''On your way''. it was very popular and successful that her picture and the show commercial was on many billboards in the Palestinian cities. Walaa joined Yahala Voice and quickly reserved her place amongst the loved hosts by Listeners. She now has many live and recorded shows, specifically in the Arabic Language.

  • Morning Talk Show
  • 9:30AM - 10:30AM CST
  • Mon-Thurs
  • No Re-Airing

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