Facts in Minutes

Facts in Minutes

Facts in Minutes

الحقائق في دقائق
A quick mentions of current News, Headlines and Current Events ...

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Reyad Ajour

Reyad Ajour was born in Gaza and has received his B.A. degree in Radio and TV from Bierzeit University. He started at Ajyal Radio Station and Wattan TV in Ramallah. Reyad was later employed at Alhureyya Radio in Gaza as a news reporter and radio anchor. He finished a Masters degree in Communication in Perugia, Italy and worked with news agency ANSA MED in Naples, Italy. He has written for multiple newspapers in different countries including Palestine, Italy and the US. After 13 years experience in various places in the world he currently resides in Chicago where he joined Yahala Voice and holds the position of 'Radio Executive Director'. He is responsible for all shows, sales, advertisements, and PR that occur/operate on-air throughout the day. Reyad is fluent in Arabic, English, and Italian. He likes soccer and reading (not at the same time). He doesn’t hate, instead he dislikes sometimes.

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