Elissa in Love?

Elissa in Love?

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Elissa in Love?

The pic Elissa posted of her and Alex Faur Znakeit on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)

Looks like Elissa has finally found her true love! It’s been reported multiple times by the Lebanese superstar that she’s in love, but who is the lucky guy? The answer is still unknown.

Elissa announced that she was getting married in 2013 but now that 2014 is right around the corner, there’s still no engagement ring in sight.  Sayidaty Magazine interviewed Elissa, she said, “I love men, I love children, but it’s not easy finding the right man. No one knows how or when I’ll meet him.”

While attending the international fashion designer Elie Saab’s show at Paris Fashion Week, Elissa posted a picture on Instagram posing with a sexy male companion that could potentially be her boyfriend. Who’s the lucky guy you ask? It’s Frenchman Alex Faur Znakeit!

Many of the fans of Elissa were on fire and some were jealous of the star and her good-looking fella.

Sayidaty Magazine also reported, “Elissa has had many failed relationships in the past. She was once close to marrying Libyan businessman Tarek Khatouni, but that relationship hit a dead end.”

It was also rumored that Elissa having a secret love affair with fellow X-Factor judge Wael Kfoury.


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