Djinn Horror Film had a Successful Halloween Weekend Premiere

Djinn Horror Film had a Successful Halloween Weekend Premiere

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Djinn Horror Film had a Successful Halloween Weekend Premiere

Image Nation in Abu Dhabi premiered Horror Film Djinn, as part of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on October 31. The movie is about a couple from the Emirates who move into a haunted apartment in Ras Al Khaiymeh.

Djinn was directed by international director Tobe Hooper and produced by Empire International. Image Nation announced that Djinn made more than one million Dirhams that weekend. Since the movie premiered on Halloween weekend, about 23 thousand people in the Emirates watched it.

“The great success behind Image Nation, is the attendance of all sorts of nationalities to view “Djinn”, especially since most of the movie’s dialogue is in Arabic. It has been able to break all the boundaries between the different nationalities of people who live in the U.A.E. We were surprised by the enormous number of viewers who came to see the movie, especially since these numbers are considered to be rare for the U.A.E cinema,” said Mohammad Mubarak, CEO of Image Nation.

Djinn was distributed by Empire International just for the Middle East.

“Since its premiere on October 31st, the movie “Djinn” has broken the record for box-office income of any weekend premiere ever. The daily increase in viewers has shown a great interest in the movie, which has become popular among movie-goers in the U.A.E. We have no doubt that “Djinn” will continue to be successful,” said Kifah Gharizi, Regional Director of Empire International.

Empire International booked 22 theaters in the Emirates as well as 20 more theaters throughout the Gulf, making it the biggest U.A.E movie ever distributed.

Djinn is currently second place in the box office, right after Tom Hank’s new movie “Captain Phillips” which was also produced by Empire International.


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